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Empower is a service company which operates in energy, industry and telecom sectors in the Nordic countries and in the Baltic region.


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"There is an utter lack of communication from management and upper level corporate down to lower level employees. More often than not I had no idea what was going on and had no way to communicate to members who flooded the support inbox with questions. So many times the founder would announce the launch of a new product or an upcoming webcast and the support staff would find out along with the affiliates or sometimes afterwards. How are we supposed to effectively do our job if we don't have any clue about what is going on? The constantly change made it difficult to keep up with and do job efficiently which ties into what I stated before. Instead of focusing on what they had that worked and perfecting it, they constantly were pushing new products, new compensation plans, new everything. Which sometimes would fall flat because they were horribly rushed. Promises were broken to affiliates constantly on dates when these new products would be launched. There was just an uncomfortable feeling in my gut whenever "new and innovative" marketing strategies came out to attract new affiliates to the program. They definitely toe that ethical line and more often than not cross that line. Management is just a mess. More often than not they were caddy and manipulative. When you start they make you feel like you're walking into a family and they're welcoming you with open arms. But after a few months I began to see how fake they were and that they definitely didn't have my back like they had claimed. There was maybe ONE good manager in the whole company, but they left as well. Overall I never liked telling people what I did and who I worked for and constantly dodged the question because when I explained what the company did it sounded like the scam it is. And I never wanted to be associated with it. (You don't realize how much of a scam they are until it's too late and you're several weeks or months into your employment. It's a gradual eye opening process.)"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Before I get into it, I want to let you know that I am a former employee of Empower Network... not just a former affiliate nor someone who bought into their scheme and am unhappy with the results. I legitimately worked for their corporate office and was paid directly by EN. I see many reviews here submitted by people who are merely affiliates and do not truly know what is happening behind the scenes. During my time with EN, I learned that a) it is 100% a pyramid scheme and the owner (Dave Wood) is sitting on the very top, raking in the money from his massive downline that pretty much encompasses anyone who has ever signed up. B) Dave Wood is the most unpredictable and aloof individual I have ever seen (not exactly the type of person I would want owning a company I'm giving thousands upon thousands of dollars to). He would often announce changes or new platforms, trainings, etc. and the corporate office would be completely in the dark about it. If at times it felt like the support agents or department heads had no idea what was going on, it was probably because they truly didn't. C) The environment within the corporate office was friendly on the surface however there were several spineless and two-faced individuals in every department that made things uncomfortable and sometimes even hostile. The management within the corporate office was disorganized, catty, and unprofessional and these were the people representing the company publicly. The lack of experience & professionalism within the corporate walls alone should be enough to make anyone wary of doing business with them. I believe it is worth noting that word has gotten out that Dave Wood admitted that the company is in a bad spot. It's really not a surprise. Plus, rating Jonathan Cronstedt is pointless now because he jumped ship a while ago."

Former Employee - Business Owner says

"Way too many to list here."


"This place was founded and is run by high school flunkies that have zero business sense. The owners of the company were so aloof; it was clear that they made millions in the course of 2 years without a lot of actual legitimate work, and it went to their heads. They were never in the office and were hardly aware of what was happening at the company. They hire people that are totally unqualified to have decision making positions they hold. The business is based on a pyramid scheme, and this mentality pervades the business decisions and hiring process (lots of dishonest people work there). Most of the lower totem pole employees are fed lies, and they don't really seem to understand how much of a scam the company business model really is. I could tell stories of dishonesty that would appall, but there is not enough space to type. This company won't be around long, it's a sinking ship. Don't work there."

Customer Support Agent says

"Where do I start? Before the "Change" in the company it use to be an AMAZING place to work. However change in management really changed the whole environment of the place. Im trying to put this as professional as I can....It is a company ran by people who have no idea what they are doing. Mangers are a joke as they are barely out of high school and have no idea how to manage anything. The work environment is great if you love stress and no communication EVER from your boss or higher up. Im going to leave it at that. Work there if you want to, however everyone who was working their they fired them for no reason except that they could not mold those people into puppets or they quit due to the company it has turned into."


"double standards , Not a good place to work"

Former Employee - Bloggee says

"Cost a lot of money... leveling up means thousands of dollarinvestment s not a guarantee either. Also used a lot of profanity on training videos."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The company lacks focus, they can't seem to decide on a direction and, as a result, end up flip-flopping around. Lots of management changes over the last 18 months. Massive culture shift starting in 2014, they are trying to go very corporate and it has caused a lot of employee attrition."

Director of Operations and Customer Support (Former Employee) says

"I have no feedback to offer about company. As I would not work for the CEO again. The company offers no growth and is unstable just like the Owner . Risky."

UX/UI Web and Mobile Application Designer (Former Employee) says

"Interesting startup up company most likely suited for the young, inexperienced person looking for perks and casual work days. Not suited for professionals who are used to having real impact and being challenged within their skill sets. Company has a 'from the hip" day to day operation and was hard to function coming from more structure environments prior. If you like tattoos, piercings and cut off jeans, you will love Empower Network, LLCFlexible work schedule/hoursVery little professionalism, structure and work environment"

Customer Service Rep./Admin. Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Empower quite a while ago. I thoroughly enjoyed working here but I was wrongly terminated by another supervisor while my supervisor was out of town, due to personal reasons. I believe management is different at this time but it was not a secure work environment.Great benefits, relaxed environmentUnstable, lacking support from management"

DevOps Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I have to say, my experience working at Empower Network as a Software Engineer wasn't stellar, but the company as a whole was pretty interesting and slightly fun. There were many issues that needed worked out while I was there a few years ago, but they had such a great concept that they really couldn't lose, despite the SEC and FCC being ALL OVER them constantly. I've recently discovered that there are a lot of significant changes at the Executive Level, which probably needed to happen. While my experience was mediocre and a rather short contract, I can't say "never again". While I wouldn't necessarily recommend this gig for any of my developer friends, I might entertain another short contract here again someday. Perhaps my opinion will change.Fun vibe, somewhat interesting workChaotic Executive Management, Lots of "Threats" to this company (SWOT Analysis), Shaky on the Fundamentals"

Richard H. says

"If you can build your own blog on Wordpress for free, why should I pay Empower Network a high monthly price for a site that lives on their domain? If I wanted to do that I could just set up a blogger account for free. This money making scheme seems very questionable to me."

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